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Afternoon Cocktails at Little Water Distillery Atlantic City

photo of cocktails
Traveleidoscope: Afternoon Cocktails at Little Water Distillery

You don’t have to go far for a little fun. And while I love traveling, sometimes, it just ain’t in the time or money budget. So what’s a girl to do?

Start looking locally, that’s what! As I’ve written before, a getaway doesn’t have to be to a far flung destination for an extended period of time. Yeah, it’s nice but it requires lots of what? Time and money. But, a getaway can be as easy and inexpensive as a trip around the block.

The Deal

I found a Groupon for Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City. For $14, you get a tasting, tour and shot glasses for two! I also used a 25% discount code, and the final price was $11.20. Not bad! So, I dragged my friend, Vinocity Vicki along.

Where is it?

You’ll find Little Water Distillery in uptown Atlantic City at 807 Baltic Avenue, Unit B. Even though I’m generally familiar with the area, it’s not the easiest to find. For starters, the address is on Baltic Avenue, but you enter from Lexington Avenue, which is a really small street that’s easy to miss (and I mean miniscule). But it's so worth it!

Located in a warehouse, when you enter, you walk past the oak barrels and the corn hole set up. It’s got a hipster industrial vibe that lends to the charm. There’s a bar in the far corner, and tables and chairs in the large, open space. There’s a big movie screen with a black and white documentary on prohibition playing.

Photo of distillery building
Traveleidoscope: Outside Little Water Distillery

Mural of musicians in Atlantic City
Traveleidoscope: In the parking lot at Little Water Distillery

We arrived around 4pm and there was a good crowd of people (I mean, it IS happy hour). While Vinocity Vicki and I waited for the next tour, we ordered super interesting drinks. Vinocity Vicki had a Smokin’ Hot Ginger with Little Water’s Whitecap Whiskey, lemon juice, pineapple juice, agave and bitters. I had Hot and Dirty with Little Water’s 48 Blocks Vodka, olive juice and jalapeno (bonus – olives!). Mmmmmm.

photo of cocktails on table inside warehouse distillery
Traveleidoscope: Inside Little Water Distillery

The Tour

Since Little Water is in one big space, the tour was less of a tour and more of an explanation of each type of spirits they make – whiskey, rum and vodka – with samples! That was perfect since between the happy hour cocktail and the tasting samples, I wasn't going to remember much!

photo of tables and chairs in front of a movie screen next to a still i a distillery
Traveleidoscope: Inside Little Water Distillery

photo inside distillery of bar and casks
Traveleidoscope: Inside Little Water Distillery

The Aftermath....

After the tasting, we definitely needed to get something to eat, so we got take out. What I didn’t know was Little Water offers a post tour discount at local establishments, so be sure to check out their “Touring Partners” (note to self for the future).

So, if you find yourself in Atlantic City in need of a refreshing adult beverage, why not stop by Little Water Distillery? Cheers!

photo of a funny saying
Traveleidoscope: Words of wisdom outside Little Water Distillery

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1 Comment

Gay Laubert
Sep 02, 2019

Enjoyed Little Water Distillery last year during 48 Blocks. I was part of Poetry on a Jitney! We stopped at places throughout Atlantic City and read poems. The Distillery was our favorite stop!! Enjoyed the drinks!🍸🥃😀

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