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About Traveleidoscope

Hi!  I'm Tina!  Thanks for visiting Traveleidoscope!  In the beginning, the idea for this blog came from people asking me for travel advice.  My friends and co-workers know I love to travel and they always wanted to know where my next adventure would be. "Wrestling alligators this weekend," they’d ask jokingly. But then, people began asking me where they should go on their next vacation.  That's when I seriously started thinking about my own travel blog.  


While I'm not really wrestling alligators (for the most part anyway!), I want to explore the world in a more active way – cycling, kayaking, scuba diving, etc.  And, even though I don't always run around with my hair on fire, I have to admit that, from time to time, I feel like I've burst into flames.  Still, I'd rather come home with a few teeny bumps or bruises than experience my vacation from arm's length. For me, it's all part of travelling, but not the only part.  I also want to take in the sights and of course, local food (yum!).  Since I was never able to find one source for other like-minded travelers and mild adrenaline junkies, I thought I’d create one.  So, in October 2016, I started Traveleidoscope.


What’s with the name?  Traveleidoscope is a combination of the words travel and kaleidoscope.  While a kaleidoscope creates colorful patterns, it doesn’t ever seem to produce the same pattern twice.  And so, I want my love of travel and outdoorsy activities to be sort of like a kaleidoscope - never really getting the same experience twice!  I’ll share what I’ve learned in my adventures  during my time as an expat, a former airline employee and travels through 70 countries and territories (including the bumps and bruises of it all!).  Hope you enjoy! Oh, and by the way, you won't see me in most of my photos - I'm sorta camera shy!  Thanks for stopping by and here’s to always having a bon voyage

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