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Other Cool Stuff

There's a bunch of cool stuff that doesn't fit into other categories that you'll find right here!

And, I'd love to work with you!  If you're interested in a collaboration or in doing an interview, you can reach out to me at!


I'm very excited to be collaborating with and have worked with the following great companies and organizations: 

Rewards for dining out

I'm always up for an interview! Here are just a few:

Mentor Travel
Meet the Brilliant Editor of Traveleidoscope
Downbeach Current
Traveling is Her Passion; Writing About is Her Escape (PDF)
RMWorld Travel Connection
4/14/2018:  Segment 5 - Where to go experience spring flowers
Flat Circle Blog
Know Your Philly Blogger:  Tina at Traveleidoscope
Nominee, 2018 Sunshine Blogger Award
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