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What You Need For Every Road Trip

Traveleidoscope:  What You Need for Every Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Whether it’s in the U.S. or elsewhere, there are a few things you should have with you to help make sure your trip is safe and fun! Happy road tripping!

On the Road

  • Your phone

  • Phone charger ( and even a cigarette lighter USB charger since not all rental car may have a USB port)

  • Flashlight (because sometimes you get stuck on a dark, secluded road - even a small flashlight is helpful)

  • A fully inflated spare (yup, I’ve had a flat spare…..)

  • A roadside emergency kit (including safety triangle and jack – most rental cars include this)

  • Jumper cables (sure, not every rental car includes them, but if you’re in your own car, make sure you have them)

  • Rubber gloves (in case you have to change a tire and no place to clean up and no wipes)

  • AAA card or other auto club card that can tow, give you a jump or change your tire

  • The AAA website lists foreign auto clubs with services available to AAA members when traveling to other countries. The services may vary so check with your local AAA for specific information.

  • Road maps (GPS might not work where you are)

For Your Entertainment Pleasure

  • Reading materials (including an e-reader/tablet, etc)

  • Camera (with charger)

  • MP3 player and cable (so you can plug your MP3 into your car if a jack is available)

  • Earbuds/headphones

  • Chargers for all your electronics

Traveleidoscope:  What You Need for Every Road Trip

Don’t Go Hungry

  • Snacks (why pay for snacks you probably have at home and can bring along at no extra cost?)

  • Water/drinks

  • Sandwiches (if you’re planning to stop for a picnic)

  • Blanket (which can also double for warmth if you get stranded)

  • A travel cutting board kit (I have one that I bought years ago that I take on every trip)

Convenience and Comfort

  • Slippers and shower shoes (walking barefoot – ick)

  • Wipes and/or hand sanitizer (because - ick)

  • Umbrella/raincoat/poncho

  • Sunscreen/lip balm

  • Tissues (and travel toilet paper, because you never know when you might need that…..)

  • Amenity bag with your toiletries (because I’ve forgotten to bring mine before or forgot to restock it)

  • First aid kit

  • Plastic bags (for garbage and wet stuff)

  • Cloth bags (for souvenirs or trips to the grocery store)

  • Chargers (I know, I’ve said it three times now, but haven’t we all forgotten our chargers before? Just sayin’…)

Odds and Ends

  • Duct tape – ya never know

  • Multi-tool - I've used one for everything from repairing luggage to cutting bread

  • Driver’s License (you need it)

  • Health insurance (you may need it)

  • Credit cards (it may cost more than you think)

  • Cash (not everywhere takes cash)

  • And don't forget your travel apps and websites!

What other items do you bring on your road trip? Let me know about it on Facebook or in the comment section below!

Traveleidoscope:  What you need for every road trip

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