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My Favorite Travel Signs...So Far

We've all seen memorable signs on a trip - here are some of mine!

Traveleidoscope: Beaujolais: "Give wine time because wine gives you a good time!"

Well, that's one way to look at it!

Traveleidoscope: Park City, Utah

I thought that was just a given!

Traveleidoscope: Glacier National Park, Montana

I mean, I live at the beach....

Traveleidoscope: Glacier National Park, Montana

Leave your gun at the door, please...

Traveleidoscope: Scotland

I don't care if it's deep fried, it's still haggis!

Traveleidoscope: Iceland


Traveleidoscope: Explanantion of the Walk/Don't Walk Little Green Man sign in Taiwan

If you look at the bottom, there are pictures of the Little Green Man. He walks faster as your time runs out. It's hilarious!

Traveleidoscope: Portland, Oregon

City, know thyself.

Traveleidoscope: Azores

It's very mooooving!

Traveleidoscope: Poland

Very possibly, my favorite travel sign of all time! Car Go Boom!

Do you have a favorite sign you've seen in your travels? Share a picture of it on Facebook or tell me about it in Traveleidoscope's comment section!


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