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Pandemic Travel News Roundup

Traveleidoscope: Pandemic Travel News Roundup

The latest "pandemic rules" are so confusing and changing day-by-day. Parts of the U.S. are opening up, but require quarantining. Countries are welcoming visitors from some countries but not others. What's going on with flying? What are the pitfalls of using a public restroom nowadays? Here's a collection of articles I've found that addresses some burning questions.....uh, as of right now....

If you're hitting the road, don't forget to check if you've got to quarantine at your destination! Forbes gives the latest on U.S. states that require visitors to quarantine upon arrival.

What if you're on the road and ya gotta go? This Forbes article discusses the dangers that lurk when using a public restroom nowadays.

Whether you're driving or flying, beaching it or lounging by the pool, this Today post advises how to handle summer vacation situations in the "new normal".

Considering flying? Check out this Slate interview with a flight attendant about what it's like to fly right now.

Heading to a hotel? Some hotels are are now charging you to use a credit card. Check out this View from the Wing post. Whaaat?

Looks like no one's going on a cruise anytime soon according to this AFAR magazine post.

Maybe it's safer just to vacation from my couch. Read AFAR's article about how to recreate the Caribbean at home.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, stay safe!

And don't forget - As of July 2020, Traveleidoscope will be moving to a once a month format. What’s that mean? Well, it means that you’ll still get great travel related info on the second Sunday of each month, so stay tuned!


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