Run Away for 24 Hours to Washington, D.C. (Part 2)

Traveleidosoope: Run Away for 24 Hours to Washington, D.C. (Part 2)

Heading to DC for a quick getaway, but interested in doing more than the usual tourist stuff? Here are some suggestions for spending 24 hours in the nation’s capital!

My last post highlighted the first 12 hours of my run away to D.C. This post is all about the next 12 hours!


Traveleidoscope: International Spy Museum - "mission" badge

9:30 a.m. Go Undercover –the International Spy Museum!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a spy? You can get that chance at this interactive museum! When you enter, each “agent” gets an RFID (radio frequency identification) badge, a "new identity" and a “mission”. As you move through the museum, you get a chance to test out your “spy skills” with different challenges! AND, souvenir alert! - you even get to keep your badge at the end (or you can choose to recycle it)!It was crowded so we skipped the challenges, but the kids (and adults) who were taking part looked like they were having a blast!

Taveleidoscope: Outside the International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C.

If you're going to the International Spy Museum, I strongly recommend buying tickets online at least a day in advance, especially in the summer. We had intended to go on Saturday, but failed to buy our tickets online. When we arrived (ticketless), the first available ticket time wasn't until two hours later! Lesson: You can buy your tickets at the museum, but it's unlikely you'll get in straight away. So if you're on a tight schedule - buy online. Our schedule was flexible so Sunday morning was fine. Entry is $24.95 a person – Yikes! But if you buy online, you can get a couple dollars off. I found a coupon, which I wasn’t able to use when buying my tickets online. It seemed to be for walk up purchases only, but the coupon didn't say that specifically.

*Tip: If you’re going to DC and intend to visit more than one museum, it may be cost effective to buy a Go Washington pass starting at $60 for a 3-attraction pass.

Traveleidoscope: Outside the District Wharf, Washington D.C.

11:00 am: Walk the Wharf!

After the International Spy Museum, we walked a few blocks away to the District Wharf. Think of a smaller Baltimore Inner Harbor - restaurants, a water taxi, a fish market, and lots of other things to do. It was a very popular place! The first phase of development is completed on the Wharf's mile-long stretch along the Potomac River. The second phase is slated to begin in 2022. 760 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024.

Traveleidoscope: Restaurants at the District Wharf, Washington, D.C.

Traveleidoscope: Along the District Wharf, Washington, D.C.

Traveleidoscope: Market Pier at the District Wharf, Washington, D.C.

Noon: One last stroll before hitting the road...

We needed to get on the road to try to avoid some traffic (which we didn’t) so we strolled back to our hotel, retrieved our car and headed on our way!

Traveleidoscope: View across the Tidal Basin of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Traveleidoscope: View of the Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

Have you been to Washington D.C.? What do you do? I'd love to hear about it on Facebook or in Traveleidoscope's comment section!

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