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Video: How To Put On A Wetsuit With A Plastic Bag

Black and white photo of surfer coming out of the ocean with a surfboard
Traveleidoscope: Going for a morning surf...

Surfers and scuba divers know putting on a wetsuit can be torture – when you try to put it on you just get tangled up in it halfway through. You struggle, you break into a sweat and in the end, you’re helplessly trapped in your own wetsuit, an insect caught in a neoprene spider’s web. It’s even worse with a wet wetsuit and sometimes you’d just rather freeze than be on the losing end of a battle with the thing.

Well, help has arrived! The video is a cool tip I learned years ago and I’ve used it ever since - putting on a wetsuit with a plastic bag. Crazy you say? Maybe, but it works! Rather than describing it, I thought I’d do a short video which is my post for the week! I've posted it on Traveleidoscope's Facebook page, so click here to see it! Make sure to Like and Share it! I think the video is hilarious and so did my hubby who filmed it and still managed to keep the camera (mostly) steady while laughing! Enjoy!

P.S. Notice my head is mostly out of the video. That’s deliberate. As you all know, I’m quite camera shy…


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