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Why A “Micro-Cation” Is the Best Alternative to No Vacation

Traveleidoscope: Why A Micro-Cation Is the Best Alternative to No Vacation

Last week, I wrote about all of us Americans not taking vacation time. This week, it’s all about the “micro-cation”. (As you know, I’m a HUUUGE vacation proponent, and an even bigger fan of the weekend runaway, aka, the “micro-cation”), but if you can't get the time off, or don't have the budget, a micro-cation is for you!

But first.....What the Heck is a "Micro-Cation" Anyway?

Definition: A trip of five nights or fewer.

Used in a sentence: We couldn’t get away for the whole week, so we took a micro-cation “downa shore”*.

*Phrase used by those in the northeastern U.S. to refer to New Jersey beaches.

Statistics: According to the Allianz Vacation Confidence Index (who knew there was such a thing?) “More than half (57%) of Americans did not take a leisure trip longer than four nights in the past year...”

If No One's Taking a Vacation, Who’s Taking “Micro-Cations”?

  • 72% of Millenials

  • 69% Gen X’ers

  • 60% Baby Boomers

And Now, the Good Stuff...

My Five Fave “Micro-Cation” Suggestions:

East Coast

Traveleidoscope: Finger Lakes Region of New York

1. Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes is a 9,000 square mile area of upstate New York. It has 11 lakes (one of them is even one of the Great Lakes) that are long and narrow, running from north to south (you know, like fingers).

It’s known for its wine region, but it’s also known as a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The Finger Lakes also has some really fantastic food. Check out my posts on an outdoor weekend and a wine weekend. The Finger Lakes Regional Tourism Council is also a great place for weekend ideas.

Traveleidoscope: Annapolis, Maryland Road Trip

2. Annapolis, Maryland

Into Naval history? Well then Annapolis, the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, is the place for you! In addition to the history of Annapolis, you can wander the cobbled streets browsing books shops and antique shops....oh yeah, and the foods good, too! Here’s my post on my Annapolis run away!

Traveleidoscope: Schnebly Winery, Florida

3. Miami

Miami is all that and more, but a weekend away can add up quickly. If you’re looking for fun free things to do in the Miami area on a micro-cation, have I got a post for you! Check it out!

West Coast

Traveleidoscope: Winery Signs in Napa Valley California

4. Napa Valley

Napa Valley may be tops on your list for a romantic weekend getaway, but it’s probably not the first place you’d associate with the word “budget” weekend getaway. And, while it’ll probably never be a “budget budget” destination, here are some ideas for a more cost effective Napa micro-cation.

Traveleidoscope: Portland, Oregon

5. Portland, Oregon

I love Portland, and the sign “Keep Portland Weird” is definitely true! It’s got it’s own unique style and vibe, while also having fantastic food, wine and scenery in the area. Check out my posts on for ideas on how to spend a long weekend in Portland and how to do it for (mostly) free!

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