Photo Tour: Balloon Festival

This summer, I had a chance to go to the QuickChek Festival of Ballooning at the Solberg Airport, a privately owned airport in Readington, New Jersey! So, armed with my press pass and my camera, I went and checked out the balloon launch, oh yeah, and had a bite to eat! It was so much fun and totally worth getting up at 3:30am (Yes. In. The. Morning! Ugh!). If you've never been to a balloon festival, definitely make it a must-do at least once! So instead of explaining, I thought I'd just show ya the pics!

It started out pretty foggy!

Cars even got stuck in the mud trying to park!

(It had rained A LOT before)

I was afraid that these balloons (of balloons) might be the only ones I'd see!

But, if you turn them upside down, they almost look like the real thing!

Eventually, the weather started to break and things began to happen!

Baskets came out!

Balloons began inflating!

Before you knew it.... they're off!

The sun started to come out!

Elvis even showed up!

And others, too!

All that balloon-watching made me hungry, so I stopped for a quick snack - an arepa with mozzarella cheese - my fave!

( An arepa is basically a corn cake, made of ground maize or cooked flour. It's common in Colombia and Venezuela. This one is stuffed with cheese! Yum!)

Thought I'd check out the rides, too!

(Notice the balloon in the background?)

Even the rides are balloon-themed!

If you go, here are some things to remember.......

Hope you enjoyed your photo tour of the QuickChek Festival of Ballooning!

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