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5 Races to Get Your Halloween Spook On!

Traveleidoscope:   Halloween!

This week, I'm taking a short detour from my Burgundy posts (here are Part 1 and Part 2) to bring you a "spook-tacular" Halloween post! With Halloween around the corner, many of us will be overindulging in all sorts of goodies. If you're looking to burn off some of those extra calories, here are five fun races for Halloween to help you do that in a ghoulish way! Don't worry - I'll be back next week with Part 3! Boo!

Notorious for its witch trials in the late 17th century, and later featured prominently in Arthur Miller’s book, The Crucible, Salem is at the epicenter of all things witchy and devilish. It celebrates its spooky heritage with people donning devil costumes for a 6.66 mile race past historic Salem landmarks like the Salem Common, Peabody Essex Museum, the Custom House, Derby Wharf and the House of Seven Gables. And, if you aren't up for the 6.66 mile race, they also have a Creepy Clown 3.33 Miler!

This half marathon markets itself as a “cozier” race without the big city hassles. Starting in Jonesborough (previously known as Kingsport) the race does two loops around the area, but you can always opt for a 4-person Boo to Brew Relay instead! There's even a costume contest! And after the half marathon, there's a "pub crawl" that takes place.

Zombies Take Manhattan— New York, NY

Although the link to this event is no longer available since the race has already occurred, it's something to think about for next year! This fun, but non-competitive race takes place on New York’s Roosevelt Island. You can enter as either a Zombie or a Human to run or walk the 3.5 mile route. The “race” is more of a game and it incorporates elements of flag football and capture the flag. The object, if you're a Human, is to avoid having your brains eaten (i.e., keeping your red flag). If you're a Zombie, the race is on to "eat" the most "brains"!

Remember the 1990's movie The Blair Witch Project? Well, this run takes place in and around the town where the movie was filmed. The run is a mix of road and cross country terrain. Actually, the area just outside of Burkittsville, known as Spook Hill, after which the race was named, is historically significant (beyond the movie). It was the scene of vicious battles during the Civil War, and as the legend goes, the phantoms of the Confederate army continue to haunt the area! Aah, Spook Hill - I get it...

Possibly my favorite of this list simply for the candy aspect, runners race around around town in costume collecting candy and facing scary monsters. The race aid stations are even Halloween themed! Oh yeah, it’s a legit race, too!

Have you done any of these races? Tell me all about it on Facebook or in Traveleidoscope's comment section!

Taveleidoscope:  Halloween!
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